3 Measures to Follow in Your Pay Per Call Campaign

So you've started a new Pay Per Call campaign in 2017, and the results are starting to stream in for your business. Whether you've noticed an uptick in sales or not, it's important to take the time to go through your Pay Per Call metrics and measure the successes and failures of your efforts to date. As you sift through the information, here are three important measures that offer insight into your Pay Per Call campaign.


Call-tracking is an invaluable tool that can help you identify both where your customers are coming from, but also which Pay Per Call efforts in your campaign are actually generating phone calls to the business. When you first launch a Pay Per Call campaign, you'll spread your resources across banner ads, mobile-specific ads, and other channels, each with a unique phone number attached to it.

As the calls start to mount up, so too will the data. Call-tracking helps you identify which phone numbers (therefore which campaigns) are driving the most phone calls to your business. Additionally, it can provide insight as well on the geographic location of your phone calls to help identify regional pockets where your Pay Per Call is performing strongly.

Keyword Results

Pay Per Call campaigns do in fact use keywords. Those keywords are chosen by you and/or your distribution partner, and help direct consumers from their initial Google searches to the ads with your business phone number that eventually generate calls. With the wrong keywords in use, even a good marketing channel can underperform. Sometimes you've targeted the right marketing channels, but the wrong keyword use means consumers aren't seeing your ads.

Click-to-Call Performance

Click-to-call is a slick feature that allows mobile consumers viewing your ads to simply click on the phone number in the ad on their mobile device or app and immediately be connected with your brand. A research study from Google looked at consumer behavior across travel, restaurant, finance, retail, technology, local services, and auto, and found that 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call to connect with businesses. Given the value of click-to-call, it's important to see how this is performing for you and what type of consumers it is driving to your business.

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