Build Your Business With Inbound Calls


New Consumers Are Calling - Are You Ready To Answer?

RingPartner will bring consumer calls to you- all you have to do is answer. RingPartner makes it easier than ever for brands and businesses, big and small, to harness the power of inbound phone calls to grow their market share. 

RingPartner works on a pay per call basis. That means that you only pay for high quality consumer phone calls.  In the end, we leave you with more time to concentrate on your business operations, while we connect you with your targeted prospects. You will be equipped so that you can fire on all cylinders and increase your bottom line.

We see the value in high quality inbound calls, so we only charge you for people that you can turn into customers. That's how we think all performance marketing should work.


Are you a media buyer managing multiple accounts or a business with a presence in many markets? RingPartner Self Serve offers you control over your own pay per call campaigns and empowers you with the tools you need to be successful.

Top Reasons to Choose Self Serve

  • It's an easy to use self serve platform. You'll get the hang of RingPartner Self Serve in no time.
  • Real time reports. Live reporting means that you can monitor your campaigns at any time, from anywhere.
  • The ability to target multiple geographic areas. Multiple locations can receive inbound calls at the same time.
  • Access to a wide variety of verticals and campaign types. We've got the performance marketing know-how to guide you through your best in-bound call campaign ever.
  • Control over your rates, daily budgets, targeting. Plus, the ability to adjust campaign payments based on location and time of day.
  • You will only ever pay for calls, not just clicks.

Are you a national brand looking to expand your reach through pay per call marketing? RingPartner Full Serve is ideal for brands looking to dedicate $10k or more each month to grow their market-share through inbound calls. RingPartner Full Serve offers the same great tools and campaigns as the Self Serve option, but with an account manager who handles all daily campaign maintenance and optimization.

Top Reasons to Choose Full Serve

  • You get your own an account manager. Your account manager will be thoroughly understand your business needs— they get to know your business inside out. They fully manage, customize and optimize your pay per call campaigns. 
  • There are no set-up or management fees. Aren't those annoying? We've done away with them and made billing so much clearer because of it. 
  • Access to in-depth reports and real-time tracking. You receive full access to the intelligence gathered from your inbound calls. 
  • Our campaigns are insertion order based.
  • Access to voice talent. Use professional voice talent for your IVR recording so you can match the voice to the tone of your business.
  • Easy and complete API integration. We do the heavy lifting and you dream up how to make the system yours.
  • You will only ever pay for calls, never "clicks." 
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