Learn from the experts.

When you sign up with RingPartner, you receive free in-depth pay per call training through RingPartner University. You will have access to video series, webinars and tutorials, where our marketing experts teach you how to be successful with pay per call marketing.

Learn the ins and outs of pay per call marketing and benefit from one of the most cost-effective and ROI-focused forms of digital advertising.


Pay Per Call 101: A Guide For Beginners

Pay Per Call is perfectly poised to help your business succeed in marketing and generating conversions. This eBook is for any publisher, advertiser, marketer or business owner who wants to grow their business through pay per call performance marketing.

In this eBook, you’ll learn all about the fundamentals of Pay Per Call including;

  • The history of pay per call
  • How to launch a pay per call campaign
  • Why you should use pay per call in your marketing mix.


 Our Distribution Partners receive expert training from experts in pay per call. Our growing library of webinars and video tutorials show you how to succeed with our exchange. Learn tips, tactics and strategies from real pay per call marketers. 

Guest Webinars

Pay per call is easy to learn, yet hard to master. We've partnered with leading experts to guide you through pay per call marketing from companies like Unbounce, LeadGadget, and Invoca. 

Marketing Plans

We want you to succeed with RingPartner and Pay Per Call. That's why we created in-depth performance marketing plans for several of our most popular campaigns. Learn advanced pay per call strategies like geo-targeting, persona building and how to use tools like IVR's and RingPools. 

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